Your partner for efficient return solutions

Are you satisfied with your return management system? Does your current returning solution leave much to be desired? Is someone else taking care of your returnables – if so, do you have any control of them? Do you really know how much your returns cost?

These are questions we face every day. While forward flows usually are very efficient, return flows often are neglected and very costly. As the modern transport industry is facing this challenge, the problems are piling up. Handling claimed goods, loading pallets, cages and returnable cases is a major logistic issue. To address these problems, we offer streamlined reverse logistic solutions that provide superior, smarter and more flexible return flows.

Company – Efficient logistic solutions for a better environment

Returlogistik is a consulting and Third Party Logistics (TPL) partner that provides solutions for logistic development, implementation and operation. We started our business in 2004 based on our combined solid expertise in logistics, convinced that the focus on the environmental and climate issues would grow even stronger in the future.

And time has proved us right. The environmental care has become more and more important, and more and more people in the industry are discovering the great potential of better return logistic solutions. We have recognized that return flows is an area that is strongly neglected. And from an environmental point of view, a well-functioning return flow system is of absolutely crucial importance. With our specialist competence in return flows, we can help you take your share of the responsibility for the global climate and environmental impact


Returlogistik is a pronounced network organization. Through the years, we have created a well established network, which also enables a high level of client customization.

Mission statement

”Based on the fact that all forward flows of materials and goods always include return flows, we will support companies and organizations in developing and running these flows in a way best possible for their businesses as well as our environment. Our competitive edge is our expertise and experience as specialists in efficient flow solutions, and our profitability is founded on the cost savings for our customers.”


Another important aspect of our profile is to be on the forefront in everything we do, but at the same time theory has to be combined with practical feasibility and applicability. This is clearly reflected in our two key roles:

Consulting partner

We analyze, develop and suggest new and better logistic solutions.

Third Party Logistics (TPL) partner

We implement changes to and run the operation of complete logistic systems.

Both roles are often included in one of Returlogistik’s projects, but they may also be offered independently from one another.

Our Working model

We have compiled our combined experience and expertise that we have gained throughout the years into a well documented and systematized working model. This working model covers all considerations and connections that normally need to be identified and considered in the designing process of forward as well as return flows. The model is also a framework for analysis. It enables us to diagnose and propose, in a fast and efficient way, what actions you need to take.

Our working model is the backbone of our business, but equally important to us is always taking into account what is required by the customer and in the current situation. That is why this has developed into a very detailed working model based on a great number of parameters and relations.

Our philosophy

We believe that we can accelerate our analytic efficiency by learning from others. We argue that similarities always are greater than differences, yet you should always have respect for the differences.

Our methods

Analysis of return flows inevitably includes many different links. This is one of the explanations of the complexity and why certain questions often are forgotten. Each link, almost without exception, optimizes its own operations and/or “pushes” problems and costs over to the next link. To manage the complexity in an efficient way, we always work step by step. Returlogistik AB may therefore well assume the overall responsibility for the analysis, the implementation as well as the operation.

Reference assignments

Another important aspect of our profile is to be on the forefront in everything we do, but at the same time theory has to be combined with practical feasibility and applicability. This is clearly reflected in our two key roles:

The construction industry

Returlogistik has developed a uniform nation-wide loading pallet return system for the Swedish  construction industry. The company is responsible for the implementation and operation of the Retursystem Byggpall (“Construction Pallet Return System”).

Non-durable goods

Returlogistik is a partner in the development of more efficient return solutions that are better customized for loading pallets, for example in the project called PIL (“Pallar Inom Livsmedelsbranschen”, “Pallets in the Food Industry”).

Health care

Returlogistik is a partner in the development of innovative and more efficient solutions for forward as well as return flows of laundry and textiles within the health care. The control of these systems are based on RFID